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I’m Leslie a financial expert, educator, and strategist dedicated to helping you transform your relationship with money so you can make, keep and save more!

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 A farm girl from Hemet, California with a desire to be a financial planner and a coach, I am proud to have finally created a business to help women like you, succeed financially. Through workshops, coaching and training programs I help people like you recognize your relationship with money, own your own value and become a money magnet.

One of the things I am often asked is, “Why are you so excited about this?”  Ever since I was young I wanted to help people with their finances so that they could avoid the suffering that my family had with lack of money. We couldn’t afford to pay “attention,” or so I was told. I thought the answer would be to go to college and get a finance degree and become a financial planner.


One of the things I am often asked is,
“Why are you so excited about this?”


My first job as a financial professional was a disaster.

It was not at all what I was prepared for as a 19 year-old (who looked 13) straight out of college. It was so sales-y and competitive. So I gave that up to stay home with my soon to be brood of boys.



Later, after focusing my life on raising amazing (they are) children, homeschooling and my husband’s career, I found myself single and without any retirement savings, disability or life insurance with 4 kids to help through college.

Luckily, after being turned away by a financial planner for not making enough money (working as a teacher). I found a way to help myself clear my mental blocks that kept me from creating abundance and tripled my income and then a bit later doubled that.

I believe that anyone can create financial independence even in today’s world. It starts at the unconscious belief level. Once a person clears their emotions, decisions and the beliefs that are contrary to real abundance, attracting money becomes easy.


More importantly, I believe there are no money problems, just belief and idea problems.


Which brings me to you:
I am here to serve and to make a difference in this world. Through my workshops, trainings and our large community classes. I help you understand and clear, the blocks that keep you from making more money. My clients have released negative emotions, changed their limiting beliefs, and decisions and increased their self-worth and confidence.

When you know your financial value you can easily ask for a raise, get more clients and/or create a business to make more money. Once you make more money, my partner and I can help you understand investing, save on your taxes, and keep more money.

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Leslie Gunterson is a Credentialed Teacher, Certified Performance & Leadership Coach, Master NLP Coach as well as a Master Practitioner in NLP, Time-Line Therapy ® and Hypnosis. She is also licensed in financial services (#OI72535) She has four adult sons and three lovely daughters-in-love and enjoys reading, hiking, biking, board games and activities with her large family.